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The first step was carried puma australia out with a LISP program, named by the PUMA model can be reduced from 126 to 39 with fourEMDEG, which symbolically generates the dynamic model of an equations thathold on the derivatives of the kinetic energy matrixarticulatedmechanism.EMDEGemploys Kane's dynamic for- elements.The first two equationsaregeneral;the last two aremulation [Kane 19681, and produced a result comparable in form specific to the PUMA 560. The equations are:and size to that of ARM [Murry and Neuman 1984).

Three sirn-plifying assumptions were made for this analysis: the rigid bodyassumption;link 6 hasbeenassumed to besymmetric, that isI,% = Zyy; and only the mass moments of inertia are considered,that is I,,, puma shoes Zyy and Z z z . The original output of EMDEG, includ-ing Coriolisand centrifugal terms, required 15,000 multiplicationsand 3,500 additions. This step might also have been performedwith the momentum theorem method used in [lzaguirre and Paul19851.In puma suede the second step of this procedure, the kinetic energy ma- The reduction of Equation (7) arises from the symmetry oftrix elements are simplified by combining inertia constants that the kineticenergymatrix.

Equation (8) obtains because the ki-multiply common variable expressions. This is the greatest source netic energy imparted by the velocity of a joint is independent ofof computational efficiency. Looking to the dynamic model of a 3 theconfiguration of thepriorjoints.Equation (9) resultsfromdof manipulator presented puma womens shoes in [Murry and Neuman 19841,we see the symmetry of the sixth and terminal link of the PUMA arm.that the kinetic energy matrix element a11 is given by: Andequation (10) holdsbecausethesecond a d third axes of a11 = J322 c o s 2 ( & 83) J a Y y sin2(82 83) JzZr &m3 thePUMAarmareparallel.

from the measured total inertia, the motor and drive inertial con- The parametersof the wrist linkswere not directly measured. tributions were found.The wrist itself was not disassembled. But the needed parameterswere estimatedusingmeasurements of the wristmass and the Measurement Toleranceexternal dimensions of the individual links. To obtain the inertialterms, the wrist links were modeled as thin shells. A tolerance for each direct measurement was established puma mens shoes as the measurement was taken.

The gear ratios,maximummotortorque, and break away torque for eachjoint of thePUMA is reported in Table 7. The maximum motor torque and break away torque values have been taken from data collected during our motor calibration process. Thecurrentamplifiers of the Unimatecontrolleraredriven by 12 bit D/A converters, so the nominal torque resolution can be 7btained by dividing the reported maximum joint torqueby 2048. Table 7 . Motor and Drive ParametemTheinertiadyadicand effect,ive motorand driveinertia I Joint I Joint 2 Joint 3 Joint 4 Joint 5 Joint ti Gear Изображение Ratio 107.36 53.69 76.01 71.91 76.73terms are reported in Table6.

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